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High-powered experts are involved to promote hydrocarbon exploration and production

16 May 2013

Baltic Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Association decided to hire several seasoned specialists whose theoretical and practical knowledge will help to promote more effective legal regulation of this specific mining branch and allow knowledgeably cooperate in development of regulatory acts.

From now on in capacity of honorary members of the Association shall act Astrids Feimanis and Anatoly Houbldikov. A. Freimanis for a long time has been chief geologist in oil exploration and production and took part in development of regulatory acts regarding oil resources. Simultaneously A. Freimanis acted as Latvia University scientist, participating in training of many of new specialists. A. Houbldikov is a geologist who has a wide experience in hydrocarbon prospecting and production in Baltic region. Previously he held a position of Ex-Deputy Director General of Kaliningradneftegazprom Production Association.

- Sigita Rozhelaite, member of the Board of Baltic Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Association:

We are very glad about engagement of specialists in our work and hope to use their experience for more active and competent participation in development and improvement of legal environment. We hope that in hydrocarbon exploration sphere which for the time being is unknown in our country shall be established clear and solid rules of the game, which promotes to create in Latvia well-ordered environment favourable to business.

Engagement of specialists in promotion of hydrocarbon exploration and production is especially important now when energetic efforts are being made in the sphere of legislation development. The Association previously attracted public attention to the fact that since restoration of independence the Constitution established that all natural resources in the Republic of Latvia is the property of landowners; however, legal regulation of hydrocarbon production is not arranged until now, and for a long time are being created hindrances to this innovative branch of national economy with high economic development potential. The Association continues a dialogue with the Ministry of Economics in order to find in the nearest future reasonable and consequent solution of further regulation of the Branch.

The Association is founded in order to promote hydrocarbon exploration and production in Latvia, to protect and represent interests and legal rights of its Members in their relationship with state and municipal authorities, to participate in the development, harmonization and further improvement of laws and regulatory acts; to realize, protect and popularize interests of members of the Association connected to hydrocarbon exploration and production in Latvia, to provide accessibility of information about legislative and regulatory changes and other events, relating to hydrocarbon exploration and production, to promote Members’ personnel advanced training, as well as to further cooperation with related organizations either in Latvia and in other countries.

Hydrocarbons which at present are widely known as the petroleum raw material were found in Latvia already in sixties of the last century, but industrial production of hydrocarbon has not been started, because in Soviet times these hydrocarbon reserves has been considered as small compared to, for example, Siberian oil fields. Oil production technology developed rapidly, and now even the small reserve development is possible.